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Are you looking to grow your WooCommerce eCommerce store? If so, you're in the right place. Discover how you can use 3PL & WooCommerce fulfilment to reach more customers today.

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Third-party logistics to cover all your WooCommerce fulfilment needs


As a WooCommerce seller, you pour your heart and soul into your business. You invest countless hours sourcing products, creating listings, and optimising your website. But what happens when an order comes in from your checkout pages?

Managing your own distribution can be time-consuming, stressful, and costly. That's why partnering with a fulfilment centre is not only a smart choice, it's a must-have! By outsourcing your fulfilment processes to a reliable 3PL company, you can unlock rapid growth, without the risk or investment.

With ultra-fast shipping, complete inventory oversight and a dedicated Account Manager, Shape supports teams across the world with WooCommerce shipping. Our responsive service makes Shape the perfect partner for managing your fulfilment needs as a WooCommerce store. Our flexible 3PL solution means we can handle all of your WooCommerce orders according to your relevant specs and branding requirements.

Time is money. Shape's philosophy is to save you time and money by streamlining your operations and reducing your shipping costs. By partnering with Shape as your WooCommerce fulfilment service, your business will be be unleashed.

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Deliver the best customer experience

No matter the type of products you sell, we will treat your goods with utmost care. Shape ensures that your items are carefully picked and packed. The goal is that they arrive at your customer’s door in perfect condition, for a 5-star experience.

Drive omnichannel sales

If omnichannel selling is part of your business plans, you're in good hands. Shape can integrate with your WooCommerce store and a host of other eCommerce platforms to manage your logistics.

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Free up your time

Imagine having less of your time focused on fulfilling WooCommerce orders. Now think of all the extra time you can gain to concentrate on other areas of your business. Marketing, public relations, and product development, these are areas you can now tackle with more time on your hands.

 Why Shape?


Shape adds value to your online store by removing the stress of logistics and storage. Exploring order fulfilment options allows you to grow your business, focus on your marketing strategy, and make substantial cost savings.

A WooCommerce 3PL & eCommerce order fulfilment service provides the expertise and infrastructure you need to grow. With specialist systems, resources and personnel, Shape streamlines and optimises your whole order process. This includes managing your inventory management, warehousing, and shipping WooCommerce orders with exceptional efficiency. Your delighted customer base across the world can rely on the accurate and timely delivery of your products.

The modern consumer market is a competitive marketplace, with a wide range of products and sellers on offer. With the marketplace being constantly on the move, your business needs to be just as agile. Shape can help you with your efficiency, packaging, and by streamlining and strengthening your supply chain.

Shape is the specialist in third-party logistics for top WooCommerce platforms. Shape's premium order fulfilment model and 3PL solution is backed by years of experience in eCommerce. Your brand has an exciting future, get in touch today to see how Shape can help deliver it.

Easy onboarding

Onboarding with Shape is simple. Our excellent team will be on hand to guide you from the fulfilment integration process, through to customers receiving your products. From storage fees to custom packaging, the Shape team will be able to answer any questions you may have. When you connect your Shopify store, your eCommerce business will be trading in no time.

Dedicated Account Manager

Whether you start selling products in one country or multiple territories and continents, you're in good hands. Rest assured, your dedicated Account Manager will be with you through every step of the eCommerce fulfilment process. You will also have full access to your data through our cloud-based Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Real time inventory management and storage

Equipped with the latest security systems, Shape's accredited organic fulfilment houses can house your entire range of products. Coupled with Shape's intuitive cloud-based smart portal, you will have complete oversight of your inventory levels in real-time. Our competitive distribution and storage fees are easy to calculate, based on storage and order volume.

Expert pick, pack and ship solution

Every single day, thousands of barcoded products are dispatched with 100% accuracy. Shape combines automated technology in our EU & UK eCommerce fulfilment centres for fast loading times in goods in and quick turnarounds. Your small business or large company will benefit from a seamless and rapid service with late cut off times.

The best UK delivery & shipping services

Shape partners with the most cost-effective and reliable couriers in the world. Services include day delivery, day handling and day dispatch. This enables Shape to provide a trustworthy service, and to reduce costs for growing your business. By securing the most competitive shipping rates, you can then pass the savings to your customers or invest back into your business.

Let Shape manage your customer returns

Sometimes products need to be returned for due to delivery related defects. Shape offers a seamless returns process that can align with your returns policy. This takes the headache of customer returns away from you and your business and provides full seller protection. Returns are visible on your warehouse management system portal.

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